Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tattoo inspiration, knitting and fears

Here I am, mildly panicking as the Blood and Thunder roller derby bootcamp looms this weekend...

On Friday evening I'm heading to Dublin with some of the most amazing ladies I have ever met for a weekend of learning and skating and hopefully awesome times! So I suppose I'll be offline until I'm home on Sunday.

Meanwhile, I've been finishing off a sloppy jumper, knitted up especially for camp...but I'm not sure I have room to pack it! Luggage fail!

Seeing my knitting needles has given me ink lust again...I clearly need a tattoo that looks like this ~~>

Mostly I'm all set to go, I have lists which I'm checking and re-checking.

Before I go I'm hoping the weather holds for me to get a couple of outdoor skates...this also hinges on my outdoor wheels finally arriving though.

Keep your fingers crossed ?!


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