Monday, 18 November 2013

Yoga and week 4 fresh meat.

Sunday isn't quite a day of relaxing, it's a day of morning yoga and afternoon skating.

I ways look forwards to Sunday yoga as the class runs for 1.5 hours instead of the usual 1 hour, it's a bit different and involves a lovely long relaxation at the end.

This week we were doing the plough pose.  This was the first time I've done it and I loved it.

We didn't use mats or blocks to raise us up but we did do some free form leg bendy times from this pose that was a whole lot of fun.

After lunch I then headed for week 4 of Belfast Roller Derby fresh meat.

Kitted up for 3pm we started off skates, jogging and skills in our pads and shoes. Jogging is not my strong point but at least I didn't collapse 😂

We were reviewing things we've been learning.  Backwards sticky skating, the Matrix (aka leaning side to side and backwards on skates), single foot glides, falls and plow stops.  10minutes of hell continues to be one of my favourite drills, mostly because I actually know what's going on for once.

Then the new bit, T-stops.
Ok, I'm fairly capable of a t-stop using my right foot behind me, not so much the left

Another thing to work on I suppose.

I did give my industrial garter belt from Sock Dreams a road test at practice.  It's what ice hockey players use to keep their long socks up over tights, I tried it with thigh high Lip Service socks over leggings.

It worked ok.  I did have to re-clip the back right leg a couple of times but no drama and my socks did stay high. 
Very happy about it.  

Now it's Monday, my back is achey and I'm headachey.
So bed with lovely syn free homemade vegetable broth and series 2 Bedlam to view after a fun weekend.

Kitty x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Caturday off work, syn free noms and outdoor skating.

Oh happy Caturday when it's an extra off work type.  The only perk to a week in a building site.

Having a lie in is always a treat, getting up just long enough to make a syn free sweet treat breakfast to eat in bed...utterly worth it.
Icing on the cake (or sweetener on the syn free pancakes in this case) was cinnamon sweetener.
Easy to make, just fill a tub with sweetener and stir in ground cinnamon until you're happy with the flavour and seal up to use when you need it. Ta-da! Great in coffee, baking, sprinkled on fruit...anything goes! 

Spent my morning enjoying a bit of a Bambi about in my skates, trying to get to grips with side surfing.
I can manage this at a slow pace leading with my left leg, but with my right I just want to T-stop.  Argh!

And yes, silver disco jeans.  Well, why not?

The afternoon was a bit of an adventure.
Set off for the Comber Greenway with Emmarghhhage.

I'm not an outdoor skater so I really didn't know what to expect.  Aside from pretty grim road crossing it was awesome.

I managed to cross 7of8 of the roads on skates.  One was a pretty big road so I whipped my skates off and crossed in sock soles.  I'm sure drivers were amused.

Can't wait to do it again the next dry day we have.

One knee fall (to stop me trundling down a hill and face first into a road) saw a toe guard get shredded, so I frankensteined some new ones with scrap leather and tattoo fabric.

Tonight I'm snuggled up with a low syn dinner (peppered fish with vegetable and rice stir fry) and watching The A,B,C's of Death.

Kitty x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The inbetween blog

While I'm posting today I am going to add a link to a sporadic wee blog I was doing this year
Heels, hosiery and the happiness budget.

Not much there to be honest.
I really need to remember to write in these things.

I'm not going to delete it...mostly because I've managed to forget my sign in for it.  Gah!
So it can remain a wee dejected bloggy and I'll be incorporating my three H love here instead ☺️


Back after a two year hiatus.

It's been a while, yes.
I've read through the posts that went before and I can't believe it's been so long since I lost my derby love.

This year I've been working on finding my mojo again, rejoining Belfast Roller Derby is one of those big steps to getting back to more smiles.

Here I am, three weeks in to fresh meat and both loving and hating it.

I love feeling like I'm relearning something that made me so happy
I hate that I used to be so much stronger and excited about things, this is a real reminder of that.

What have we been doing for three weeks?
Well, there's been falls and plough stops and crossovers (!already!) and backwards skating and balance exercises and pyramid shopping trolley drills.

My plough stops are dire, my derby stance is torturing my thighs and my sense of hopelessness is pretty overwhelming.

But I'll be back on Sunday to keep trying.

Meanwhile might fit a wee Saturday skate in if I get the chance.
And if it's dry might make it an outdoorsy one.  Yeahhhhh!