Thursday, 29 September 2011

Autumn is coming

September has been an exciting month with lots of positives at derby.

I'm slowly getting more confident on the track (somedays more than others!)

Sad news is the loss of Queens PEC for Tuesday training, but our final scrimmage there was a full on fight. Black team Vs White team...and Whites won! Go go my team :)
Everyone played hard, there was trash talking (in fun), refs jumping downed skaters and war paint!
We are now even more psyched for our first intraleague bout in December!

Check out my game face (aka quite blank)

Crafting ha taken a back seat this month, I have made a couple of nice pairs of knitted fingerless gloves though...

And last night was all about baking cupcakes for Ruby Murder

Tonight BRD is off to the VLC for scrim and search for wheels suitable for the wooden floor continues, the 88a's aren't cutting it!

Oh, and if you tweet, I've just made a derby account @Kitty_BRD, add me :)


Saturday, 3 September 2011

It's tough going

I've been having a crap time in my own head recently. Non stop headaches and far too many painkillers do not a happy Kitty make.
Still, gotta keep going.

Tuesdays advanced roller derby classes have been a strange mix.
My first one was lead by the awesome Ani Position.
We had a Smarty Party ;) pretend cow tipping.
I do not like the PEC floor though...silly porridge to skate on!

The wooden floor at the Valley continues to baffle me though.

On Saturday Hannahbolic Steriods and I took to our skates in Belfast to flyer for Lush

I followed that up with a trip to Loko shop to get lovely new Reds Bearings....and a swanky skate tool. Winner!

Then there was Sunday Endurance. Oh dear sweet zombie Jesus. 20 down is my least favourite drill ever. Attempting 210 laps and sit I managed 186 :(
But I made myself feel better by giving my hand print panties their first outing...

I'm a bit obsessed with 'what's in your skate bag' here's my skate bag...

Hmmmmm, I carry a lot of crap!

Oh oh but this Tuesdays PEC session was scrim-tastic. I'm pretty sure I did more tripping and blocking of my own team though...which made me completely paranoid and by Thursday I couldn't deal with anyone and spent the day sleeping. Fail.

But I'm back on track and yesterday's session with our freshies was awesome :D
McSlay and Zombee show them how to GET LOW

So roll on Sunday skating

Crafting has been good this week.
Bearing necklaces (decorated with my awesome new rhinestone setter)

Actually, rhinestones on everything...

I'm also knitting a straight jacket themed jumper....


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nearly a week and no blogging. Oh dear

It's been a hectic old week. Let's start where we left off.

Last Thursday was Belfast Roller Derby's first training session at the Valley Leisure Centre. I had high hopes for the wooden floor but fear of a new venue.

The space we had in the main hall was great and we had a fab turn out. I wasn't in best form and after struggling to keep my knee pads in place during our pyramid pop ups warm up drill I had to swiftly exit to be sick.
Like a kitty cat that sorted me out and the rest of the session, including a scrimmage at the end, was ace.

I don't like wooden floors though. It felt all wrong under my wheels.
I'm sure I just need practice.

Friday was our second fresh meat intake skate. Not just as many present and this time I was included in the skating as I haven't passed my minimum skills yet (and am not skating in the advanced Tuesday session)

Part of me enjoyed getting to do basic skills all night, and it was great helping our lovely new girls and skating with them...but seeing my derby friends watching as I did knee falls and stops made me a little sad, and even more determined to up my game. (I have to admit it was nice having a session where I felt like I could actually do what was being asked of me!)

Saturday was a work day, then Sunday for Endurance training...
My least favourite session of the week :(

I'm happy to report that the pyramid pop up warm up drill did NOT make me puke that time!

Pace line of seven laps each was a killer...I ended up doing something ridiculous like 84 or 91 laps. Poor Hannahbolic Steriods and McSlay were at the 170 lap count though! sitting the rules test!
Fingers crossed I actually got it this time!

The big treats from Sunday though were
1. Getting my helmet name! Whoop!

2. Gutter Snipe telling me to bring my skates to Tuesday practice! Yes! I've passed enough mins to get into the advanced class aka lots if lovely scrimmaging!
So I was a tired but happy Kitty on Sunday

Crafting wise it's been an ok week. Nothing too special.
I've finally gotten round to trying bottle cap necklaces...dead easy!

(Cleaver one is a little gift to Sigourney Cleaver, I hope she likes it!)

Plus I got Ruby Murder's jumper finished

One last thing. The mystery of the straws that have started popping up in my back yard was solved when I witnessed Castiel bringing one over the fence this morning as a wee present for me...bless!


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Knit knit knit

I never did get the hang of Wednesday's.
At least it's not yesterday all over again.

Yesterday I slept in,forgot my work keys, got locked out of my emails and failed in having a committee meeting.
At one point I got so frustrated I kicked a wall and literally jumped up and down shouting in rage.
Thankfully an evening spent with the Belfast Roller Derby Crew sorted out my attitude problem.

This week has at least been more productive craft wise.

I finished the punky post apocalypse jumper

And made a necklace as a belated birthday gift for one of the derby girls.
Her derby name is Patricia the Ripper which makes me think of Jack the Ripper, so I went for a Victoriana style

Now I'm working on some asylum-chic /zombie style knitted stockings


Saturday, 13 August 2011

The day after the derby intake

Last night was Belfast Roller Derby's first big proper skater intake...fresh meat time ;)

It was an awesome night, 40 new skaters trying out being on wheels and they all did so well! I was so proud oh Hannahbolic Steroids and Guttersnipe who took them through basic skills and then nearly burst with happiness to see the ladies scrimmaging at the end to show how it's all done!

We also got our awesome new BRD tees for the big night!

It was a great end to a disappointing week for me.
On Thursday we had our 25 in 5 at the WigWam. I knew I wasn't going to make it, 22 laps. Tests always freak me out and I never do very well...but it was the wrong day for me to be trying. Very much negative brain times and I got stroppy with myself and wouldn't try it again. I know, I know, pathetic. Sometimes I really am my own worst enemy.

Still, feeling much better now so moving on...

Next week starts FOUR practices a week and I cannot wait...all skating all the time :D, I'll let y'all know how it goes!

Not much crafting this week sadly. The workshops in conjunction with R-space continue, it was stitching this week. So I was mostly working in perfecting my assorted stitches and knots, useful to practice anyway.

I did finish one project, this 'the derby after the night before' hangover/derby first aid kit for my lovely friend Trixie Toxin.
A tight knit on 3.5mm needles, this water bottle cover has a handy pocket in the front for stashing pain relief gel and ibuprofen, plus a super strong I-cord wrist strap to keep it at hand on endurance practice Sunday's ;)

Now I've started work on a fishnet jumper in soft graduated grey colour yarn, a present for our coach Gutter Snipe who continuously keeps my head above water and stops me ├╝ber wallowing!


Monday, 8 August 2011

Mondays are not my favourite

Mondays are killers aren't they? At least the temperature is more acceptable today, Kitty just does not do hot heat :-/

This week I have mostly been sticking to my resolutions...working out for an hour a day at least (although I did take Saturday off...sinful I know), tackling the cross stitch and embracing being able to skate again!

This week in work was our first workshop collaboration with the newly opened R-Space gallery. We had a look at Anna Demetri's work (loved the dresses!) and then made our way back to the museum for a natural dyeing workshop.

R-Space have the coolest wee 'cards' to take away, it's one of the original nails from the building, a couple if centuries old, awesome!

Derby sessions this week have been good and bad.

Friday night was amazing as it proved to me my knee was up to a full session.
(although my left ankle is not quite right....but we aren't saying anything about that, shhhhh)
I love Friday skills, edging, weaving, jumping...I wasn't awful at weaving, everything else needs work (practice practice, right?)
Also hitting practice (I'm a bit hopeless at this but I love it) I was trying to get into a good low derby stance for this...and got a shoulder in my throat. Oops. Think I will avoid being *that* low again!

Friday was also a treatly day, thanks to evilly I have these beautiful bordellos making their way to me :D

Sunday endurance at derby was more of a killer. I struggled all through it with a crazy aching left leg, just hitting 25laps (on our 10ft too small track so it doesn't count) and being almost out of control in the skills we had done over on Friday. I'm very disappointed in myself.

Still, looking forward to this Friday and our fresh meat intake.
My name is on my pads ready to lend them to new skaters

And I've finished my little cross stitch to pretty up my skate bag

Here's hoping it's going to be a good week!!


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New month, new start, new mindset

July just wasn't a great month for me. Too much time off skates, too much soreness and far too much dark brain thoughts. But it's a whole new month so I'm going to make the changes and try and turn it all around.

First thing is getting back to the gym. My knee is (finally) nearly back to normal so I have no excuse! I've put on so much weight this month with lack of exercise and lost my hard earned endurance. It can't go on. This week is the start of looking after myself again, hopefully that will help my brain space too!

I'm also going to get a new craft under my belt, cross-stitch. I want to get to grips with it! I've become a little obsessed with the anticraft website this weekend so I'll be starting with their stitching patterns...
Go forth and anticraft

I've already made one of their (slightly dodgy and favourite) knitted patterns...see the hugely magnified mutant 10week foetus purse...

I know, wrong...but so cute! I was making it dance for my kitties :D

Highlight from last weekend (for those interested) was the Vintage Rocks 2nd birthday hoedown...these are the cupcakes I made for the lovely girls and I have to say, I had a great evening with them! All parties should include bales of hay and awesome chilli! goes another month in which...

* I will go to the gym

* I will attend every derby session even if I'm not skating

* I will learn a new craft

Edit to add::
(on the note of new craft...this is my first attempt at cross stitch today. Old school knuckles tattoo 'cup cake')


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Kitty the stand-in jam timer

EJ put pics from Saturdays bout up on Facebook...I can remember my time as an NSO through pictures...


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Superman baby blanket

After a week or so of on and off knitting, the superman baby blanket is done.
36"square with the S logo as the centre panel...


Monday, 25 July 2011

Weekend roller derby road trip!

The excitement mounted this weekend in anticipation of a road trip to Dublin for the roller derby bout, Dublin vs Liverpool at greystones leisure centre!

And what an awesome adventure it was! I drove down in Bunbun and met the Belfast crew there...everyone was stoked!

A slight change to my first live bout watching experience came when their jam timer was running late so I got to not watch but JOIN IN! Middle of the track excitement, timing responsibilities AND I got a whistle...what more could any Kitty ask for?
The NSO's were so helpful and the ref's worked so hard...what a great bout! Dublin won in the end but both sides fought hard.

I'm very pleased with my Liverpool roller birds tee...yellow isn't my colour, but it is so cute!

After that excitement our wee crew headed for burger king at the services (traditional stop off) and the crazy banter continued...Soylent Green IS people!

The one and only downside was my continued inability to settle my moods and after the mega manic high of Saturday, Sunday saw a crippling crash. No leaving the sofa's now Monday and my brain still wants me to hide away. If I didn't have to go to work I'd be sleeping right now.

In Belfast Roller Derby news, Hannahbolic Steriods has asked us to come up with five values for the website...I think mine are going to be:

D for might never have skated in your life, but once you get involved in roller derby you'll be surprised at what you want to push yourself to do!

E for Exercise...skating is a great workout and much more fun than a trip to the gym! Anyone in any shape can join in with roller derby, it won't take long to feel the benefits!

R for the Radical bunch of people you are going to meet. Friendly, fun and supportive.

B is for the bad-ass you will become. You may think you lack confidence, but lace up your skates and embrace your derby personae and you'll be amazed at how much your confidence will soar!

Y is for Y'all just gotta join in...derby leagues work because of the people who join's not just skaters, NSO's, ref's and all the leagues jeer leaders (who needs cheerleaders?!) make this sport the fantastic, fast paced, friendly, addictive creature that it is.

...what do 'you' think our five derby core values should be??

In my own personal skating news I'm still not back rolling again, although I'm now sporting very sexy arch support insoles which have helped my feet and knees feel normal again, so fingers crossed for this Friday being back!

Hopefully by then my lush Gumball toe stops will have arrived as well. Last week one of my new round stops vanished I to thin clearly that was a sign to upgrade...

Can't wait to try them out!! Hurry up and deliver mister postman!!

On my iPod at the moment is the fab Sarah Jezebel good and highly recommended. Get your download on, you won't regret it!
Sarah Jezebel Deva


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Skater intake!

I'm so excited about this!! Come on peeps, get your skates on!!


Sunday, 17 July 2011

Off skates and kitten sleepovers

Another weekend off skates. Honestly it's just so frustrating! I just want to get rolling again!
Thankfully I've been distracted from the lack of derby by having CK's kittens to stay while he and Julie are up at Enniskillen...

Hilts and Penny are just adoreable!

I still couldn't stay away from training though and went along on Friday and today just to see what was happening and feel the stanky derby girl love.

Friday night included the most bizarre synchronised skate marching I have ever seen...I suspect Gutter Snipe was a Sergeant Major in a past life!

YouTube Video

Today Hannahbolic Steriods was coaching...I was gutted to miss the transitions drills as I really struggle with them....must get better and get back to it!