Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Nearly a week and no blogging. Oh dear

It's been a hectic old week. Let's start where we left off.

Last Thursday was Belfast Roller Derby's first training session at the Valley Leisure Centre. I had high hopes for the wooden floor but fear of a new venue.

The space we had in the main hall was great and we had a fab turn out. I wasn't in best form and after struggling to keep my knee pads in place during our pyramid pop ups warm up drill I had to swiftly exit to be sick.
Like a kitty cat that sorted me out and the rest of the session, including a scrimmage at the end, was ace.

I don't like wooden floors though. It felt all wrong under my wheels.
I'm sure I just need practice.

Friday was our second fresh meat intake skate. Not just as many present and this time I was included in the skating as I haven't passed my minimum skills yet (and am not skating in the advanced Tuesday session)

Part of me enjoyed getting to do basic skills all night, and it was great helping our lovely new girls and skating with them...but seeing my derby friends watching as I did knee falls and stops made me a little sad, and even more determined to up my game. (I have to admit it was nice having a session where I felt like I could actually do what was being asked of me!)

Saturday was a work day, then Sunday for Endurance training...
My least favourite session of the week :(

I'm happy to report that the pyramid pop up warm up drill did NOT make me puke that time!

Pace line of seven laps each was a killer...I ended up doing something ridiculous like 84 or 91 laps. Poor Hannahbolic Steriods and McSlay were at the 170 lap count though!
Then...horror...re sitting the rules test!
Fingers crossed I actually got it this time!

The big treats from Sunday though were
1. Getting my helmet name! Whoop!

2. Gutter Snipe telling me to bring my skates to Tuesday practice! Yes! I've passed enough mins to get into the advanced class aka lots if lovely scrimmaging!
So I was a tired but happy Kitty on Sunday

Crafting wise it's been an ok week. Nothing too special.
I've finally gotten round to trying bottle cap necklaces...dead easy!

(Cleaver one is a little gift to Sigourney Cleaver, I hope she likes it!)

Plus I got Ruby Murder's jumper finished

One last thing. The mystery of the straws that have started popping up in my back yard was solved when I witnessed Castiel bringing one over the fence this morning as a wee present for me...bless!


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