Monday, 8 August 2011

Mondays are not my favourite

Mondays are killers aren't they? At least the temperature is more acceptable today, Kitty just does not do hot heat :-/

This week I have mostly been sticking to my resolutions...working out for an hour a day at least (although I did take Saturday off...sinful I know), tackling the cross stitch and embracing being able to skate again!

This week in work was our first workshop collaboration with the newly opened R-Space gallery. We had a look at Anna Demetri's work (loved the dresses!) and then made our way back to the museum for a natural dyeing workshop.

R-Space have the coolest wee 'cards' to take away, it's one of the original nails from the building, a couple if centuries old, awesome!

Derby sessions this week have been good and bad.

Friday night was amazing as it proved to me my knee was up to a full session.
(although my left ankle is not quite right....but we aren't saying anything about that, shhhhh)
I love Friday skills, edging, weaving, jumping...I wasn't awful at weaving, everything else needs work (practice practice, right?)
Also hitting practice (I'm a bit hopeless at this but I love it) I was trying to get into a good low derby stance for this...and got a shoulder in my throat. Oops. Think I will avoid being *that* low again!

Friday was also a treatly day, thanks to evilly I have these beautiful bordellos making their way to me :D

Sunday endurance at derby was more of a killer. I struggled all through it with a crazy aching left leg, just hitting 25laps (on our 10ft too small track so it doesn't count) and being almost out of control in the skills we had done over on Friday. I'm very disappointed in myself.

Still, looking forward to this Friday and our fresh meat intake.
My name is on my pads ready to lend them to new skaters

And I've finished my little cross stitch to pretty up my skate bag

Here's hoping it's going to be a good week!!


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