Tuesday, 2 August 2011

New month, new start, new mindset

July just wasn't a great month for me. Too much time off skates, too much soreness and far too much dark brain thoughts. But it's a whole new month so I'm going to make the changes and try and turn it all around.

First thing is getting back to the gym. My knee is (finally) nearly back to normal so I have no excuse! I've put on so much weight this month with lack of exercise and lost my hard earned endurance. It can't go on. This week is the start of looking after myself again, hopefully that will help my brain space too!

I'm also going to get a new craft under my belt, cross-stitch. I want to get to grips with it! I've become a little obsessed with the anticraft website this weekend so I'll be starting with their stitching patterns...
Go forth and anticraft

I've already made one of their (slightly dodgy and inappropriate...my favourite) knitted patterns...see the hugely magnified mutant 10week foetus purse...

I know, wrong...but so cute! I was making it dance for my kitties :D

Highlight from last weekend (for those interested) was the Vintage Rocks 2nd birthday hoedown...these are the cupcakes I made for the lovely girls and I have to say, I had a great evening with them! All parties should include bales of hay and awesome chilli!

So...here goes another month in which...

* I will go to the gym

* I will attend every derby session even if I'm not skating

* I will learn a new craft

Edit to add::
(on the note of new craft...this is my first attempt at cross stitch today. Old school knuckles tattoo 'cup cake')


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