Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Knit knit knit

I never did get the hang of Wednesday's.
At least it's not yesterday all over again.

Yesterday I slept in,forgot my work keys, got locked out of my emails and failed in having a committee meeting.
At one point I got so frustrated I kicked a wall and literally jumped up and down shouting in rage.
Thankfully an evening spent with the Belfast Roller Derby Crew sorted out my attitude problem.

This week has at least been more productive craft wise.

I finished the punky post apocalypse jumper

And made a necklace as a belated birthday gift for one of the derby girls.
Her derby name is Patricia the Ripper which makes me think of Jack the Ripper, so I went for a Victoriana style

Now I'm working on some asylum-chic /zombie style knitted stockings


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