Saturday, 3 September 2011

It's tough going

I've been having a crap time in my own head recently. Non stop headaches and far too many painkillers do not a happy Kitty make.
Still, gotta keep going.

Tuesdays advanced roller derby classes have been a strange mix.
My first one was lead by the awesome Ani Position.
We had a Smarty Party ;) pretend cow tipping.
I do not like the PEC floor though...silly porridge to skate on!

The wooden floor at the Valley continues to baffle me though.

On Saturday Hannahbolic Steriods and I took to our skates in Belfast to flyer for Lush

I followed that up with a trip to Loko shop to get lovely new Reds Bearings....and a swanky skate tool. Winner!

Then there was Sunday Endurance. Oh dear sweet zombie Jesus. 20 down is my least favourite drill ever. Attempting 210 laps and sit I managed 186 :(
But I made myself feel better by giving my hand print panties their first outing...

I'm a bit obsessed with 'what's in your skate bag' here's my skate bag...

Hmmmmm, I carry a lot of crap!

Oh oh but this Tuesdays PEC session was scrim-tastic. I'm pretty sure I did more tripping and blocking of my own team though...which made me completely paranoid and by Thursday I couldn't deal with anyone and spent the day sleeping. Fail.

But I'm back on track and yesterday's session with our freshies was awesome :D
McSlay and Zombee show them how to GET LOW

So roll on Sunday skating

Crafting has been good this week.
Bearing necklaces (decorated with my awesome new rhinestone setter)

Actually, rhinestones on everything...

I'm also knitting a straight jacket themed jumper....


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