Thursday, 29 September 2011

Autumn is coming

September has been an exciting month with lots of positives at derby.

I'm slowly getting more confident on the track (somedays more than others!)

Sad news is the loss of Queens PEC for Tuesday training, but our final scrimmage there was a full on fight. Black team Vs White team...and Whites won! Go go my team :)
Everyone played hard, there was trash talking (in fun), refs jumping downed skaters and war paint!
We are now even more psyched for our first intraleague bout in December!

Check out my game face (aka quite blank)

Crafting ha taken a back seat this month, I have made a couple of nice pairs of knitted fingerless gloves though...

And last night was all about baking cupcakes for Ruby Murder

Tonight BRD is off to the VLC for scrim and search for wheels suitable for the wooden floor continues, the 88a's aren't cutting it!

Oh, and if you tweet, I've just made a derby account @Kitty_BRD, add me :)


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