Monday, 25 July 2011

Weekend roller derby road trip!

The excitement mounted this weekend in anticipation of a road trip to Dublin for the roller derby bout, Dublin vs Liverpool at greystones leisure centre!

And what an awesome adventure it was! I drove down in Bunbun and met the Belfast crew there...everyone was stoked!

A slight change to my first live bout watching experience came when their jam timer was running late so I got to not watch but JOIN IN! Middle of the track excitement, timing responsibilities AND I got a whistle...what more could any Kitty ask for?
The NSO's were so helpful and the ref's worked so hard...what a great bout! Dublin won in the end but both sides fought hard.

I'm very pleased with my Liverpool roller birds tee...yellow isn't my colour, but it is so cute!

After that excitement our wee crew headed for burger king at the services (traditional stop off) and the crazy banter continued...Soylent Green IS people!

The one and only downside was my continued inability to settle my moods and after the mega manic high of Saturday, Sunday saw a crippling crash. No leaving the sofa's now Monday and my brain still wants me to hide away. If I didn't have to go to work I'd be sleeping right now.

In Belfast Roller Derby news, Hannahbolic Steriods has asked us to come up with five values for the website...I think mine are going to be:

D for might never have skated in your life, but once you get involved in roller derby you'll be surprised at what you want to push yourself to do!

E for Exercise...skating is a great workout and much more fun than a trip to the gym! Anyone in any shape can join in with roller derby, it won't take long to feel the benefits!

R for the Radical bunch of people you are going to meet. Friendly, fun and supportive.

B is for the bad-ass you will become. You may think you lack confidence, but lace up your skates and embrace your derby personae and you'll be amazed at how much your confidence will soar!

Y is for Y'all just gotta join in...derby leagues work because of the people who join's not just skaters, NSO's, ref's and all the leagues jeer leaders (who needs cheerleaders?!) make this sport the fantastic, fast paced, friendly, addictive creature that it is.

...what do 'you' think our five derby core values should be??

In my own personal skating news I'm still not back rolling again, although I'm now sporting very sexy arch support insoles which have helped my feet and knees feel normal again, so fingers crossed for this Friday being back!

Hopefully by then my lush Gumball toe stops will have arrived as well. Last week one of my new round stops vanished I to thin clearly that was a sign to upgrade...

Can't wait to try them out!! Hurry up and deliver mister postman!!

On my iPod at the moment is the fab Sarah Jezebel good and highly recommended. Get your download on, you won't regret it!
Sarah Jezebel Deva


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