Saturday, 9 July 2011

Back on skates!

I am one happy Kitty after the Belfast Roller Derby training session last night. It felt so good to be back on skates.

My bruised foot was cross at me, but I had it bandaged up and skated until it submitted to my will.

The warm up drill of pop ups was the scariest moment for me as I wasn't sure how my knees would react to full falls, but I'm glad I went for it as my 187's did their job perfectly and I made the pyramid. That was a real boost to my confidence.
The only thing that really knocked me was my total inability to get any sort of speed going as every-time I set my sore foot down it was distractingly ouch. Oh well.

We had a bit of hip checking Walls (show that brick no mercy)
It turns out shoulder checking with no one to connect with is pretty tough though!

The constant jammer drill was probably my favourite part of the evening. I have total fear of jamming but managed to make it through the pack each time even when they were communicating and blocking full on...this spurred me to actually volunteer as jammer in the wee scrimmages. Ok, I only did it once...but getting through that pack (probably with a million minors, and certainly with one fall on my tailbone, ouch, lol) felt damn good!

All I can say is a MASSIVE thank you and HUGE squishes to all the Belfast derby girls who made being back on skates so much fun. They are the friendliest, loveliest, most encouraging peeps I've had the good fortune to meet. Smooches for our AWESOME coach Gutter Snipe and massive thumbs up for our refs, Derek and Leon rock!

And as if Friday was my day for smiles...the post man brought me my new Lip Service socks and super platform shoes!

I'm also smiling after a trip to the hairdressers this magenta hair is love!


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