Thursday, 14 July 2011

Skull dress and the rest

Sometimes knitting gets a bit too much, projects take too long, I walk away and come back to them...the skull jumper was one of those projects.

Started off a couple of weeks ago with a pattern for a fitted jumper. I increased the needle size to make it massively oversized and got to work...

Then got bored when Castiel kept trying to sleep on it mid-knit a I gave up for a bit

Went back to it only to have the intarsia skull design nearly drive me batty

So I wandered away from it an made myself a knitty squiddy ipod holder (pattern from anticraft)

Next day I still didn't go back to knitting...I went for baking instead....Mmmmmm macaroons!

and later on made a little summery fascinator, birdcage focal point, pocket watch fabric and vintage beads...

Finally today, after much procrastination, all I needed to add to the jumper was sleeves. Yeah, it was 22degrees today. I'll leave the sleeves off until the winter I think.

So, finally done, my punk tastic grungey skull dress...from a nifty pattern beginning in the DominKNITrix book (that's where the chart for the skull can be found) it's definitely got a made with mAlice twist now :D


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