Sunday, 17 July 2011

Off skates and kitten sleepovers

Another weekend off skates. Honestly it's just so frustrating! I just want to get rolling again!
Thankfully I've been distracted from the lack of derby by having CK's kittens to stay while he and Julie are up at Enniskillen...

Hilts and Penny are just adoreable!

I still couldn't stay away from training though and went along on Friday and today just to see what was happening and feel the stanky derby girl love.

Friday night included the most bizarre synchronised skate marching I have ever seen...I suspect Gutter Snipe was a Sergeant Major in a past life!

YouTube Video

Today Hannahbolic Steriods was coaching...I was gutted to miss the transitions drills as I really struggle with them....must get better and get back to it!


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