Monday, 11 July 2011

Another one bites the dust

After Friday nights roller derby training session I couldn't wait for Sunday skating.

By the time Sunday landed I was feeling less enthusiastic. I'd managed to stave my thumb on Saturday, my stomach muscles were cross with me from Friday's exercising and my knees were achey. It was so bad I started the day moping about as I had decided not to go to training at all.
Then I read a message on the group page from Hannahbolic, lots of peeps weren't going to be skating and no chance if a scrim...sad news, especially as we had a guest skater with us, lovely Little Myy.
So I pulled myself together in double quick time and decided to go for it.

I have to admit, there is nothing like skating with the BRD crew to make my brain a much happier place to be. Yes I hurt, yes doing my 25 laps in 5 minutes had me whimpering (I can't thank Gutter Snipe enough for skating behind me and encouraging me to keep going...I managed 25 3/4 laps even with my bad knee and foot!)

and yes I was sore from sit ups and push ups...but I was HAPPY!

Our drills were great, I loved pushing J-Mag into the jammer...and being pushed.

Then disaster...doing a making walls Drill I knocked skates with Cleaver who went down and I fell over her. Not so bad, I was all padded up...but I twisted my bad knee again. Oh the blossom of pain. I thought I was going to boke.

Ice packs delivered from the girls and I shuffled off track to spend the rest of the session watching.
A day on I ache, but I'm itching to get back on skates. Hurry up and heal!

Hmmmm...useful use of healing time...I'm working on an oversized knitted skully jumper


Derby photos by the lovely Emmarhage

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