Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The meh

I am one of those irritating people who give in to depression on an almost daily basis. This makes me difficult to know, to be around, and to like.

But there are things that make the meh vanish quickly. Seeing a good friend for a random chat, playing with cats, baking, crafting and skating.

Unfortunately even those things can be tainted. I can feel paranoid about friendships, like I'm not good enough or artistic enough for crafting or that I'll never make it into a team for roller derby as I just can't quite keep up (with learning, not even the speed side of things)

A lovely friend posted this for me to read, it's all about the Meh. Knowing other people feel the same is very comforting. So...skates on and let's have fun. Life doesn't have to be serious, who cares if everyone else does things better? And if all else fails...have a cosy cat nap ;)

The Meh


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