Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Off skates for a bit

On Sunday our coach, the delectable Gutter Snipe, started ticking off our min skills at training. Awesome! At last! Stuff I can (mostly, sort of, sometimes) do!

Not so awesome came after that...I had a rather nasty fall and spent the rest of Sunday and my working day on Monday limping on an exquisitely painful knee.
One trip to the doctor later and I have torn ligaments and am off skates for a couple of weeks.

And off work too.

I miss skating already and I'm BORED!

So lots of crafting has been happening...

First up, my asylum chic shrug...

A pretty victoriana lace and ribbed neck warmer with vintage buttons :

And this sculpty skull cameo brooch

I've also been enjoying my new false lashes...

Roll on healed knee and being back on my feet though! Two days in and I'm going a bit stir crazy at home!

Proof of crazies is this road warrior mask I've just knitted o.O


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