Monday, 6 June 2011

Derby weekend

Oh my, what an amazing weekend!

The fun started on Friday night when the girls picked me up to head to Dublin...this began the first of many games of kit bag tetris to make the bags of four derby loving girls fit into the boot of a not huge car. I blame the kit, we needed everything in the world! Luxury items had been banned.

Our hostel was good and bad. Basic but breakfast was included. Snoring guy in the room, but we retaliated by talking derby crap in the morning when he was sleeping. And cheap as chips which was good!

Saturday morning registration and introductions went smoothly, and so the training sessions began!
From running up grassy slopes in my skates to doing jam timer for the scrimmaging (which has given me notions if reffing) the day FLEW in!
Afterwards we had a well deserved Chinese

While our gear aired on the hostel balcony

The only downside to the day was being told to bring grippy wheels when the surface wasn't all that skippy in the day.
Trixie wisely changed her wheels in Saturday night to a harder set

So many great coaches, my favourites were smarty pants and violent bob...teflon Donna did a great off skates class on Sunday, but her toe stop derby session was too much for me! My feet bled after that one!

Scrimmaging on Sunday rocked, even if I did end up in the penalty box for cutting the track, booooo!

The skating was great, I've learnt so much, and can't wait to get to training on Friday

Derby saved my soul ;)
And motto for the day.....? Kill the Jammer ;)


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